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Recently I had the opportunity to interview a 26-year-old entrepreneur Chris ‘Rocket’ from ‘Rocket Science Creative Labs’. We discussed his work and future projects at his creative studio located in Brooklyn. I quickly learned of Rocket’s journey towards success, his passion for art, fashion and technology. Stemming from humble beginnings in East Flatbush, New York he found it essential to find creative outlets. Growing up he had a heavy interest in creative driven fields’ including fashion, design and music.  After studying fine art amongst other subjects Rocket really began to seek for his calling in the world. 



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He found great purpose and inspiration while simultaneously interning at Warner music under Kevin Liles and working at Billionaire Boys club/ Ice Cream in the heart of fashion mecca Soho, New York.  Not only was it a great time to perfect his communication skills and sales technique. He also found it was a valuable opportunity for him to absorb positive mentoring from a number of influential figures at the company including music mogul and all round creative Pharrell Williams.  ‘He always told me, beyond your talents it is important to build a strong team you can trust and depend on‘’ he says- in a short time Rocket took to his roll as a training manger at BBC/ Ice cream comfortably. Naturally after working in an environment where he was constantly encouraged to pursue his artistic interests he organically began his own creative company. His company name was conceptualized during high school but over time it was forgotten.  It subconsciously resurfaced in 2009 when he established his New York based creative company ‘Rocket Science Creative Labs’.  The innovative influences behind his products were the surroundings he spent most of his time in whether it was at one of his jobs or his day-to-day encounters in city. With the backing of his friends, family and co-workers Rocket designed and produced his first 30 shirts in early 2009. 


 After that personal accomplishment his creativity spiralled into a world wind of ideas and he had plans not only to do more but also to experience more. ‘At this point all I wanted to do was create and see what the world has to offer’ he says. He prepared himself to travel and armed with a bag full of t-shirts and his sketchbook (as always) he set off into the world. During high school he learnt the importance of documenting his ideas, as he would often experience sporadic creative thoughts that he could not always keep up with and would forget at times. He described this feeling as ‘artistic overload’.


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He solidified professional and personal relationships on his travels to Europe and Japan amongst other destinations.  He returned with a new perception and found strength through actualizing his ideas.   

-‘I found Rocket Science was helping me creatively cultivate myself as well as those around me. It began to give me more direction on where I want to be as an artist’ 

This was a memorable turning point for him as he truly learnt how to inject his deepest feelings into his work and felt he was finally starting to find his calling.  Still working for Billionaire Boys club but spending any time he could create or visiting places of inspiration Rocket finally found his creative stride. 


He then suffered an unexpected injured to his leg, which forced him to slow down. A painful surgery and an entire year of limited mobility discontented him but he was determined not to lose his motivation. His misfortune lead him to spend more time devising how he could begin to orchestrate his own creative hive in which he could offer a platform for those around him. After extended rehabilitation to learn how to walk again he focused his attention on learning how to sew, screen print as well as taking his graphic design to another level. Rocket finds it fundamental to constantly advance in the fields he’s chosen to submerge himself. This is to ensure the evolution of himself as an artist and as a brand.


This pass year he established ‘Rocket Academy’, which provides inspirational events in schools across the city. This was his first philanthropic effort accomplished in association with his company.  He feels it’s important to open communication and aid in building up our own communities.  




He certainly believes having a strong work ethic goes hand in hand with discipline and focus. 

‘Build and maintain professional relationships while balancing your important personal ones at the same time.’ 

Though he produces everything from clothing to 3D art, dabbles in curating, graphic design and mentors local kids, he will tell you that he is simply an artist. “I am just happy to have the ability to re-create what I visualize in my dreams and make my passing thoughts materialized into tangible objects people can appreciate. That’s the key to my achievements “


Recently re-launching Rocket Science with new items, creative consulting for a number of brands and future plans for a solo art exhibit this Rocket is definitely prepared for take-off! Be sure to check his website for more info on his work and future events.


All items available at: RSCLNY.COM I


Instagram- @RSCLNY 

Twitter @RocketScienceNY


Writer- Mel ‘Milo’ Mayers 
Photography- Mel ‘Milo Mayers 
Instagram- MiloMel
Twitter- @GetMelHere
Intreviewer – Ayla M.
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