By Cory Giles

There are a lot of classic sneakers that will forever be loved.


Not only, will they be loved but remain a go-to for any sneakerhead. The Reebok Classic Leather will always be one of those sneakers. The shoe was born in the UK and raised in London. The Reebok Classic Leather has lasted over three decades and is one of the most celebrated sneaker silhouettes in the game.


Last year, Reebok enlisted Grammy Award Winning MC Kendrick Lamar as a brand ambassador for the brand. His first project with Reebok was a shoe that paid homage to his L.A. roots. The Reebok Classic leather gained popularity as casual wear because of its simple design in comparison to the technical running footwear designs which started to come out in the 80’s.




Recently, Reebok Classic united with brand ambassador Kendrick Lamar and leading UK creative talent to celebrate the brand’s most influential sneaker. Kicking off in London, Reebok presented a fashion show at the legendary Tate Modern Museum, featuring the classic leather styled apparel from the UK’s top designers – Agi & Sam, Katie Eary, Ashish, Holly Fulton, Matthew Miller, Christopher Shannon, Kesh, Sadie Williams, Alex Mullins and Cottweiler. London-based rapper Little Simz provided the soundtrack to the show with an intimate performance.



The event was a complete success as supporters and influencers came out to celebrate the iconic shoe. Kendrick says, “With my music, I share and seek for understanding. Through a freedom of expression and originality. This is what Reebok is about- being original and authentic. My memories of Reebok go back to high school when I wore the Classic Leather. It’s a sneaker that identifies with culture and lets you express your own style, lets you stay true to yourself.”  Regarding the Classic Leather sneaker, “It means originality, self-expression, in the most sophisticated, classy way.  It means longevity,” said Kendrick Lamar.  “You can’t really go wrong with wearing Classic Reebok’s.”


You can pick up the iconic Reebok Classic Leather now at Finish Line, Journey’s, and the Reebok website.





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