By Ashley

Ice cream shops have increased in popularity in New York City so being impressed with a shop’s product is rare.


10 Below in Flushing, Queens will shatter anyone’s expectations on the frozen treat. Located in the New World Mall on Main Street, the shop is located in the basement and a bit difficult to find. The journey and the wait is well worth the taste bud explosion.


10 Below is not your average ice cream – it’s a Thai-inspired treat that serves fresh made-to-order ice cream. The ice cream is made in front of you on a temperature controlled metal surface. First, the ice cream chef pours the liquid (depending on what flavor you choose) onto the surface and mixes in any ingredients such as chocolate, pretzels, etc. Next, the liquid is spread out as it starts to freeze. Once the liquid is solidified into ice cream the chef uses a scrapper to make the ice cream into rolls. Once the rolls are in your dish you can choose toppings. Although hard to explain, you need to see for yourself how the ice cream is made and it only helps that it’s incredibly delicious. 


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