By Parnell

Rest Is Overrated 

Hey socialites! It’s your boy Parnell and I’m back with some new experiences and l’ve learned some new things that I have to share it with you!
I’m on my last week of “Built For The Beach” you can find on and this week I realized something integral we all should be doing in the gym. I’m working 7 parts of my body 5 sets of 10 reps. For the last 5 weeks I’ve been pushing myself to break a sweat, however, I wasn’t doing it to feel the pain. I take the amount of rest recommended for the workout routine but still feel as if I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted to.
I spoke to a weight trainer buddy of mine that day who called me out for “slacking”. He told me in order to see the results YOU want is to “push” yourself harder. If you’re doing 10 reps, at 5 I should start breathing heavily, at 8 I should be pushing two more and at 10 I should be near failure. “You shod wanting to throw up” by the end of it. It sounded ludicrous, but, when I thought of past experiences playing different sports in school and taking crossfit training classes I remembered how much they pushed me to that point. And the results were blatantly there! Another thing he mentioned was take less rests and consistently move around.
I tried that  and I feel great! Moral of this weeks advice is to PUSH YOURSELF people! LESS RESTS & MORE SUPERSETS during your workouts. You’re your own trainer and you want yourself to be the best!
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