By Lauren

To Eat or Not To Eat?


The answer is a resounding “Yes!”


For as long as I have known diets have been considered a restrictive thing. It is in the minds of most people that eating less or not at all is a safe and easy way to lose weight. Contrary to popular belief not eating can lead to many negatives:


#1 Excessive weight gain

– Did you know that not eating frequently could cause the metabolism to slow down and when that happens it’s much harder to lose weight and much easier to keep what you have and a bit more.


#2 Could cause malnutrition

– Without your body receiving the right amount of nutrients you may become extremely deficient in healthy supplementation causing you to be weak


#3 Causes loss of muscle tone

– If you have continued to work out thinking that less food is the answer then you’re most definitely not going to have enough energy to feed your workout. As most people delve into that cardio “trying” to burn fat quite the opposite will usually happen. The body will begin to eat your muscle for energy thus creating that raisin-like skin.


#4 May cause binge eating

– When most people stop eating they believe they have control. Not so! A person who has been eating terribly cannot just decide one day to not eat at all or eat wayyyyy fewer calories. Not only will the person suffer from withdrawal but it may also cause the appetite to tap into savage mode. Meaning one slice turns into the whole entire pie if you haven’t eaten day.


Here’s the truth:

Eating smaller more frequent, healthy meals consisting of whole foods will keep you most healthy and losing weight. It’s proven that the people with faster metabolisms are usually slimmer and healthier. Eating will help you lose all of your weight and keep it off it’s just about eating the right food!


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