By Julian M.

In March 2016, HTM celebrates Air Max, adding new dimension to the elusive collaborative line. For the first time, Hiroshi Fujiwara, Tinker Hatfield and Mark Parker have each created a model that reflects their respective contributions to the longstanding partnership.

Nike_Air_Max_BW_Ultra_M_1_53848The Air Max Utlra M is Mark Parker’s iteration of the Air Max, borrowing elements from the Nike Air Max BW while adding new technology like a jacquard upper using a gradient, pixelated effect. Nike_Air_Max_BW_Ultra_M_2_53849Nike_Air_Max_BW_Ultra_M_3_53850Nike_Air_Max_BW_Ultra_M_4_53851 Nike_Air_Max_BW_Ultra_M_5_53852


Tinker Hatfield’s Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Superfly T is a whole new take on the iconic Air Max 90 taking elements of the Mercurial Superfly with a collar on the ankle and flyknit material used on the upper the use of change on the classic is sillouette gives it a breath of new while adding functionality to the shoe.


Flyknit in the collar and toe deliver a one-to-one fit. Leather in the tongue and heel add an element of luxury to the 90. The skin overalay on the qaurter panel provides added durability.


Nike_Air_Max_90_Ultra_Superfly_T_2_53861 Nike_Air_Max_90_Ultra_Superfly_T_3_53862 Nike_Air_Max_90_Ultra_Superfly_T_4_53863 Nike_Air_Max_90_Ultra_Superfly_T_5_53864 Nike_Air_Max_90_Ultra_Superfly_T_6_53865


Hiroshi Fujiwara brings Fragment design to the Nike Air Max LD-Zero H, which incorporates Air Max technology onto Fujiwara’s famed LD-1000 model.


Taking elements from the Fragment LD-1000 and adding a full Air Max unit and marrying all these together make for an extraordinary sleek yet functional Air Max. Hiroshi Fujiwara wanted to create something that would resonate with people who are interested in classic styles.

Fujiwara went searching through the Nike archives. On a recent visit, He happened to come across the Nike Boston, which was a predecessor to the LD-1000. I thought it would be really interesting to combine that silhouette with the latest technologies available today. Performance technologies are amazing to work with, so I paired the Boston upper with the Air Max 2014 platform

He experimented quite a bit with materials before landing on nylon and suede. Those materials, along with the blue color, give the shoe a classic aesthetic.

Nike_Air_Max_LD_Zero_H_6_53871 HTM_NIKE_DETAIL_AIR_MAX_LD0_9461_r2_54292 Nike_Air_Max_LD_Zero_H_5_53870 Nike_Air_Max_LD_Zero_H_4_53869 Nike_Air_Max_LD_Zero_H_3_53868

With Air Max Con happening this weekend be sure to look out for all these amazing shoes at select Nike retailers and also on the SNKRS app.

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