By Cory Giles



The MTA is raising prices yet again to afford more upgrades to your daily commute. The new pricing will go into effect this Sunday and will effect those who buy monthly and weekly metro cards. The regular fare will not be affected and will stay at $2.75 a ride. A single ride subway card will be $3.00. As of Sunday, 30-day unlimited cards will increase to $121 and 7-day unlimited cards will increase from $31 to $32. If you currently have monthly’s and weekly not used they will be expiring pretty soon. 30-day unlimited MetroCards will expire on April 24, 2017, all 7-Day unlimited ride MetroCards will expire on April 1, 2017, all 7-Day Express bus plus cards will expire on April 1, 2017.


What are your thoughts on the current fare hike and are you ready?


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