By Lola Marie

Neutral colors have become a go to color for everyones everyday wear from the beginning of summer 2014, and also coming into our new year. Some colors such as beige, ivory, taupe, black , grey and even white in the past have may have been considered as more of a simple, classy look. No, not anymore , by having even a simple camel colored coat can even make your outfit pop. No matter if your going on a dinner date with your boyfriend or more of a dress down look for every day wear. Like for instance, Kim Kardashian West who has become a huge influence on a lot of females fashion today. Here are some inspirational looks that a lot of you ladies would love. and there are links to the items posted under the picture.






The Khloe Premium Waterfall Coat, purchases here.


Cotton Spandex Jersey Turtleneck Dress, purchase here.




Unisex Tri-Blend Short Sleeve Deep V-Neck purchase here.


Flat Top Vera Sunglasses , purchase here.


Don’t be fooled Black is also a neutral color, that Goes with everything. i know ladies sometimes we only have 30 minutes to get an outfit together. Down below a perfect look that you can throw together in under 30 minutes, and links to similar pieces.





Leather Biker Jacket, purchase here.


High Riser Skinny Cut-Edge Jeans , purchase here.
Shoes 1:


ASOS HEADS OR TAILS Heeled Sandals , purchase here.

Sweater Dress:

navy asos sweater with high neck in chenille - high roll neckline sweaters machine wash sweaters-f15601

ASOS TALL Exclusive Longline Sweater With High Neck In Chenille , purchase here.

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21 Responses so far.

  1. Uly says:

    Bout to share this link with a few joints

  2. Joey says:

    Great pictures , great format, quick and to the point, I would enjoy reading more of this persons work.

  3. yolanda says:

    Girl you are right!!!!
    I Love my neutral colors for my everyday wear.

  4. Kimberly Supreme says:

    Neutral has been my way to go forever! Im s glad to see I’ve been doing it right! Your pics are the proof!!! Love the long coat!!!

  5. Kimberly Supreme says:

    Neutral has been my way to go forever! Im so glad to see I’ve been doing it right! Your pics are the proof!!! Love the long coat!!!

  6. Julissa says:

    I also agree. And think neutral colors work best when picking a outfit for almost any occasion. Great job on your blog!!

  7. Maria says:

    wow this is a great post I love the camel trench so much thanks for the info

  8. Venassa D. says:

    I’ve been telling everyone I know this for awhile! Deff repost; Please keeps us updated already brought the leather jacket, next week I’m springing for the High neck!!

  9. Brian Lockheed says:

    OMG my girl’s birthday is coming & she keeps nagging me for the beige coat above & I had no clue where to buy, thanks for the article !!!

  10. Lisa Rosenblatt says:

    Jeez that high neck is beautiful, that is a must buy; where could I also buy more outerwear like the long scarfs Klhoe Kardashian always wears?! Keep us posted, best post iv’e seen from here in a few weeks

  11. Terry Sandler says:

    Well I know what I’m doing with my salon money now.. I love articles like these that don’t make me feel bad about my shopping habits !

  12. Claire Harden says:

    Thanks for the link!, I need more of this pajamas that are classy & yet still read “I’m approachable”

  13. Chris Schleminski says:

    Please make a similar article’s for guys; I’ve seen that beige coat around & the guys version is so Boss, sick article.

  14. Gena says:

    Finally some sense! I hope this trend is really up the up & up; its so much more comfy & the ironic part is it feels casual altough you can go just about anywhere & still be one of the best dressed; deff gonna put my high waisted cut jeans back into rotation !

  15. Steph says:

    Could not find these tri-blends anywhere; thanks for the link, this article was amazing!

  16. Dana says:

    Hmm…asos, never given much thought until now.

  17. Tauheed says:

    Me & my girl just got matching J’s…she sent me the link…time to spring for the matching beige trench coat’s. I’m sure she’s gonna keep sending the links; dope article though,we’re gonna enjoy it!

  18. Cat C says:

    The pajamas & high neck together make me feel & look more like myself if that makes sense; I’ve had these kinds of things in my arsenal but you just confirmed I’m on the right path.

  19. Hallie says:

    The links to each article of clothing was enough to make me start typing my debit info while at work; keep it coming girl !!!

  20. Rey M says:

    I’ve been looking for a surprise for my girlfriend for our upcoming anniversary. But I’m not trying to break the bank, so this was a great article; re-post worthyyyy.

  21. Embla Q says:

    I saw a comment that was so true! I’ve had stuff like this but I wasn’t too sure if I was wearing it right; you just bumped up my confidence Ayla, keep these posts coming, I’m just used to seeing pop culture events on this site :p

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