By Kristina P.

A lot of entrepreneurs are using Facebook to promote their products. It really does work. This is how I came across The Motivation Manifesto.


There was an ad offering the book at a discounted price along with the cost of shipping. It was something about the title that stood out to me. I was also at a place in my life where motivation was something I could benefit from. I was going through a separation that led to divorce and dealing with some unexpected financial woes. I wanted to read something that would uplift me, while reminding me of my inner strength. This was the perfect selection.



I did some research on the author, Brendon Burchard, and read reviews on the book. He, being endorsed by Oprah Winfrey and Paulo Coelho was nice, but seeing the everyday people live and grow from his words, is what inspired me the most. There were readers working a regular 9-5, wanting to break that cycle, being moved by his words. There were supporters striving for financial freedom praising his work. That spoke volumes to me. He wasn’t just writing for the wealthy and successful. He was writing for people like me. 



I ordered the book and it was one of the best manuscripts I could have ever chosen. The book lists 9 Declarations to Claim Your Personal Power. After Burchard details and lists the cause and effects of freedom, fear and motivation- he elaborates on how we can declare our lives to be as we desire. He reminds us to stand in the mirror and declare the courage of the lion and not resent leaving the table, where we once dined with mice. He truly makes you feel empowered to go after your dreams and desires with full force and not feel bad about wanting more out of life.



I used to have this real issue with wanting more, when it left me wanting it alone. I would share my goals and dreams with people I thought wanted me to succeed. I thought they would feel this way, because I’d cheered them on and praised them in their successes. The reality is that some people are just fine with you remaining the captain of their pep rallies, while they don’t even desire to ever be a single cheerleader in your journey. It took me a while to accept. I have cut ties with people, respectively distanced myself and chosen to put myself as a priority instead of waiting to be considered as someone’s option. This book helped me with those decisions.





Within each of the declarations, Burchard details how living a stagnant life can really be the reality of a slow death. His words were a reminder of how this isn’t a trial run. There are no rehearsals. This is real life and I have control over mine. I began to ask myself “Am I living or am I just existing?” He paints clear pictures of how we can take what we have in our possession right now and in the words of Jay-Z’s grandmother, “turn our lemons into lemonade.” 




The key in any sort of change is honesty and integrity. You can’t even fathom a real relationship with anyone, whether business-personal-romantic- until you are truly aware and relating to self with truth. With the 6th declaration, ‘We Shall Not Break Integrity,’ Burchard provides integrity practices to use on a daily basis:

  • Think Before We Act
  • Never Commit to Anything Where We Lack Passion
  • Keep Our Word
  • Always Treat Others With Respect
  • Tell the Truth
  • Always Favor Action




These are initiatives that can not only build your personal integral nuances, but can help you secure and elevate relationships with others. One of my current personal goals is to be fully transparent. I want to exude the same energy whether I am in a business setting with a potential client or at a basketball game with close friends. I may have a more poised posture and use different word structure in the business meeting. My laugh may be less discreet and I may have on ripped jeans and a cap at the game, but I want my vibe to feel the same in either setting. No matter the venue where people interact with me, I want them to truly know my core and what I represent. The Motivation Manifesto helped me fully embrace my inner being and provided me with the tools to reach within for motivation, instead of outward.

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