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Here is something for when you visit Brooklyn.

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Midwood Flats on Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn

There’s no secret that in recent years the once scary Prospect Park Q stop is now bustling with more business than it can handle. There was a sign outside of an empty store front that something was coming, something big. Many Flatbusharians consider Midwood Flats to be the first “real” bar of the neighborhood. The menu boasts purely American favorites: finger food, beer on tap and whisky.



We arrived to the dimly lit Midwood Flats on a Monday evening which looked more like a Thursday, college night. Their third day in business and they were booming. 4 of my friends were already sitting at the bar, waiting for a table. A beautiful blend of hippie type, naturalistas and neighborhood heads, I felt right at home. I, baby in hand standing close to bar stools thoroughly enjoying my $8 whiskey sour.




We get pulled away by our host/bartender/owner and placed in a back area with three small tables and booth seating aligned along the wall. Food has already been ordered so now it’s a wait game. In the mean time we all order a second round of drinks. My friend tries their dark and stormy, she loves it. I taste it and follow suit. I like mines sweet so I request a splash of grenadine. Delicious.




About 15 minutes later food arrives. Loaded tater tots, burgers and some cheesy pesto concoction. All good. All cheap. Devoured in 2.5.




Bottom Line

This will definitely be a staple in the ‘hood. A go to for gatherings and occasions of all magnitudes. Food was delicious and when the bill arrived we did not gawk. 4 out of 5 pumps up┬ábecause we did have a tremendous wait in between rounds. But clearly that was due to the fact that there were only 2 people and a bartender serving an entire restaurant. For parties larger than 3, I suggest calling ahead and making a reservation.


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