By Lauren

The summer season is approaching and the cuffs are coming off. First thing on everyone’s mind is sex right?


Maybe it’s just me but I doubt it. Holistically speaking sex can be great for your health.


Everything from what you eat, who you lay with and what you’re taught about sex in society plays an important part of when you decide you want a fulfilling sexual experience. If you “do it” right you stand to gain a lot more than an orgasm!


Sex can be for healing! In the supply of energy with no side effects. Could you imagine? According to my new read “Holistic Sexuality: A Practical Guide to Sexual Healing” sex is the generator for this type of quantum energy. Sex activates three of the most powerful glands in the body and I was really generative elements for the body’s natural daily cell replacement, organ realignment, cleansing functions and longevity.


So as things start to heat up this summer think twice about who you share your energy with. Your holistic health depends on it!


P.S. Protection is always a must when indulging in intercourse of any kind so be sure to wrap it up!

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