By Julian M.

Ronnie and the KITH team strike again for the Spring/Summer 2015 season with the newest addition of the vastly growing ensemble of streetwear apparel for the brand.

Channeling a passion for Americana through a sportswear lens, KITH unveils its apparel line for Spring 2015, entitled – Home Field Advantage.

Each garment perpetuates a deep pride for the USA, and KITH’s birthplace New York City. This collection features updated silhouettes such as fishtail parkas and mandarin-collar shirts executed using custom-milled chambray, flannel, terrycloth, and twill. This juxtaposition creates contemporary styles perfectly suited for the spring season, whether it is on the shores of the Hamptons or in the streets of SoHo. The use of “USA” and “NYC” logos, as well red and blue fabrics, paint the picture of patriotism and ideals that KITH harbor.

To properly spread this vision, KITH has partnered with four of the top-tier retailers around the world to release the collection. These four retailers are Colette, United Arrows & Sons, Nano Universe Shibuya, and Slam Jam. Together; this list of stockists represents the fashion capitals of the world, beginning here in New York City, and spreading to Paris, Tokyo, and Milan.

The KITH Home Field Advantage Collection will launch at both KITH locations and online at on Friday, April 17, at 11AM EST. The four exclusive international stockists will release the collection on Saturday, April 18.

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