By Lauren

Stepping into the New Year we consistently hear the ever popular phrase ” New Year, New Me!” (Honestly I’ve said it too).



This year I vote to change that to “New Year, New Habits!”. I teach people all about creating sustainable change by crowding out the bad things and adopting new healthy alternatives.



In 2017 I want people to stop using margarine!! It is the most terrible, lab created garbage ever made. That means you guys get to throw out the Country Crock, the Blue Bonnet and even the Smart Balance butter spread.



Butter is good for you and here’s why:

-It’s an excellent source of vitamin A; which promotes a healthy endocrine system and good vision

-Great source of minerals (iodine)

-It’s antimicrobial ( kills pathogens)

-Produces higher level of CLA which protect against cancer and helps the body store muscle instead of fat

-Full of healthy fatty acids that help boost metabolism and strengthen the immune system

-A source of good cholesterol with just the right balance of omega 3 and 6


It’s not cooked, hydrogenated oil that is high in trans fat, which has many harmful effects on the body! ( That’s exactly what margarine is)



*Remember this:
When purchasing butter look for the organic grass fed or clarified varieties.



Real butter can be healthy!!!

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