By Cory Giles

Now everyone know’s how convenient Solepack makes it for you to carry your sneakers around.


It’s good for travel and when you’re hitting the gym, or when you want to just change into more comfortable kicks. Solepack is truly wonderful as well as affordable so you wonder how could it get any better.


Recently Solepack founder Mike designed a new bag. This was his Solepack version of the cinch sack-separate shoe compartments built into the average string bag. A great bag for quick trips to train or go to practice, and summer league games or just to head to the beach.




A bag like this is simple to carry and store anywhere. The bag model is called the GRF. Mike is a physical therapist by trade and GRF stands for Ground Reaction Force(an important term to how our body reacts to forces around us).


Now what inspired Mike to have this great idea for this bag was a few handful of athletes young and old said they didn’t use backpacks to go to quick training sessions or practice and couldn’t use the original, SP-1 product. He absorbed what they told him and created this little string bag with the Solepack signature.


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