By Taleen
We are all given one body. This fact cannot be disputed so why don’t we do our best to feel and look our best?

What if I told you that achieving your optimal health, both physically and mentally, could be yours without breaking the bank?  As simple as it may sound, this could all be obtained just by drinking water. How much exactly? Not the eight glasses you’ve been hearing all your life but the right amount for YOU. 
Figuring just how much that is would make anyone overwhelmed but that’s where Pryme Vessyl comes in!  Thanks to a team of experts in the medical field like Dr. Hanson (Head of Health at consumer health startup Mark One) there is a cup that’s not only easy on the eyes but can do just that (and more!) for you.  Pryme Vessyl can and will help you reach your optimal health and therefore make you realize your best, both physically as well as mentally.  Great hair, skin, body etc…who would say “no” to that?! Find out here just how this innovative technology came about and how it will change your life.
Talz- What made you want to pursue the medical field in the first place? 
Dr. Hanson- I am intrigued by the human body – how it functions, how to optimize its performance, and how to fix it when things go wrong.  I honed in on that last piece with my training in surgery, but performing surgery after surgery for problems that could have been avoided frustrated me. I got focused on looking at how we can prevent those issues in the first place, rather than fixing them over and over again, often futilely.  Ultimately, it all starts with what we put into our bodies.  We can acknowledge that fact and learn how to control our consumption to optimize our health and performance, or we can ignore it and see how it can lead to a multitude of problems.
Talz- What were you doing before becoming head of Health at Mark One and how did you get your start there?
Dr.Hanson- Before Mark One I trained in surgery at Columbia and worked in biotechnology, looking at how to utilize technology to improve outcomes.  The marriage of technology and health has always been interesting to me because of the potential to scale the impact.  Instead of helping one person at a time, you have the ability to impact incredibly large numbers of people in a very short amount of time.  You also greatly improve the patient experience, moving from a scenario where a person has a short amount of face-time with their doctor very infrequently to one where the person has advice, encouragement, and information with them at every moment throughout their day.  This can be incredibly empowering to individuals, especially around lifestyle improvement and disease prevention, as it enables them to make smarter choices in the moment, when it matters most.  This ties in perfectly with the mission of Mark One – it’s what drew me there and it’s why I’m proud to be a part of the company.
Talz- Why did you personally feel the need to educate others on hydration?
Dr.Hanson- As a surgeon you are acutely aware of the power of water.  Fluid balance can be a life or death matter for surgical patients.  These extremes highlight how small changes in hydration status can have huge impacts.  And while healthy bodies function a bit differently, we can still see these impacts play out on a smaller scale every day.  Water is the most important nutrient and yet we have more structure built around making sure we get enough Niacin and more awareness around how much vitamin C we consume.  I found that crazy, and decided to do something about it.
Talz- What is the biggest misconception about ones hydration needs?
Dr.Hanson- That there is a magic amount of water everyone should be drinking every day.  We’ve all heard that you should drink 8 glasses of water per day, but in reality it’s not about that at all – our hydration needs are unique to each one of us and they change constantly.  Similar to our caloric needs, they are influenced by whether we are male or female, our age, weight, height, and they change constantly based on how active we are (or aren’t), how much sleep we get (or don’t), the climate we live in, and more.  Think about Shaquille O’Neal vs Miley Cyrus – very different people doing very different things.  We wouldn’t expect them to consume the same number of calories, so why would we tell both of them to drink 8 glasses of water?  It’s just silly.
Talz- How did the concept for Pryme Vessyl come about?
Dr. Hanson- We created Pryme Vessyl to break down the concept of generalized hydration recommendations and help people drink the right amount of water for them, so they can avoid the negative effects of dehydration and perform at their best.  The tricky part is that the amount each person should be consuming changes throughout the day based upon their activity and other constantly changing factors.  Pryme is our solution to that problem.
Pryme is your personal hydration metric. It uses an algorithm, developed by several doctors and scientists, to bring together decades of research on human physiology and hydration to estimate your unique needs, moment-by-moment.  It distributes those needs over the course of the day in an intelligent manner, and encourages you to drink when the demands and distractions of life get in the way, because when you consume is just as important as how much you consume.
Talz- How long did it take to develop Pryme Vessyl from conception to fruition?
Dr.Hanson- We spent about a year developing the look and feel of the Pryme Vessyl experience, but in reality there are decades of work that have gone into it.  Everything from research conducted in academic medical centers and sports science institutes to the development and proliferation of wearable fitness trackers is required for this product to be able to do what it does.  This is an exciting time with many advancements that allow us to take the guesswork out of how we are meeting our unique hydration needs.  These include our ability to measure the ever-changing factors that alter our hydration needs – like our activity level, location, and consumption behavior – and our ability to apply scientific knowledge across large groups of people.  By doing that, we have developed the capacity to move beyond the static, one-size fits all hydration guidelines that have been used up until now.
Talz- What has been the biggest challenge in developing Pryme Vessyl?  
Dr.Hanson- The biggest challenge we’ve faced is trying to change the way people think about hydration.  We often hear “I’ll just drink when I’m thirsty”, but the sad truth is that we are terrible at listening to our bodies and responding in an appropriate way.  If we ate nourishing food in appropriate amounts only when we were hungry,  of American’s wouldn’t be overweight or obese.  With thirst, the distractions and craziness of everyday life often mask the feeling or get in the way of us responding to it.  Thirst can even be mistaken for hunger.  We use technology to help us optimize many aspects of our lives, why not use it to optimize what we put into our body.  That’s what we’ve set out to do at Mark One.
Talz- How do you hope Pryme Vessyl will help people in the next five years?
Dr.Hanson- We know there are many benefits to staying optimally hydrated.  Studies have shown that even mild levels of dehydration (less than 2%, which is when thirst kicks in for most people) can negatively impact your physical and mental performance.  Impacts have been seen on endurance, recovery time, motivation, mood, attention, memory, energy levels, and even immune system function.  On top of that, your skin contains approximately 30% water and the middle layer acts like a sponge – optimizing your hydration helps keep it plump, elastic, and resilient.  A recent study even showed that mild dehydration could have effects on vascular function “similar to smoking a cigarette”.  All this underscores the importance of staying at your Pryme – being on top of your hydration needs moment-by-moment – as the deleterious effects of dehydration can set in even before you’re thirsty.  Our hope is that we can help as many people as possible experience these benefits of being optimally hydrated.
Talz- Since you mention that everyone’s water intake is unique, how can one vessel adapt to everyone’s individual needs? 
Dr. Hanson- Pryme Vessyl syncs with your phone and wearable fitness trackers to automatically bring together all of the unique data needed to calculate your individual hydration needs.  Throughout the day, the Pryme line on your Vessyl and in the app will rise or fall depending on how close you are to meeting your needs.  When you see the blue light, you’re at your Pryme.  Real-time personalized insights, notifications, and goal tracking will keep you engaged and empowered to get there and stay there.
Talz- Other than offering personalized hydration needs, what else can consumers expect from Pryme Vessyl?
Dr.Hanson- We realize that design and health have to go hand-in-hand (we suffer through a lot of unhealthy things in the name of looking good), so consumers can expect a beautiful object that integrates seamlessly into their lives; one that they are proud to have on their desk or carry with them.  Pryme Vessyl uses familiar objects we’re already extremely comfortable with (a cup and a coaster) and it works anywhere from the boardroom to yoga class so it never feels out of place.  This is important because in order to stay optimally hydrated you have to have access to water – wanting to take a container with you is hurdle number one.  The design of Pryme Vessyl keeps it from looking like “technology”, even though it contains a lot, and allows it to function in a way that drives behavior change.  The technology is there when you need it but fades into the background when you don’t so you can accomplish your goals and look good while doing it.
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