By Lauren

Call it necessity  

Or life itself 
It’s what we don’t get enough of 
yet constantly give away 
It can be salty, steam distilled,  
filtered and purified  
Whatever the type  
it all gives life  
Without it there is none 
Of course I’m speaking of H20  
Plainly known as WATER!! 


Amidst the recent tragedies occurring all over the world I’ve been quite pensive on how much people really know about this essential element 
Water contamination has been rampant and to help out those suffering from terrible water conditions we’ve banded together to send them a lifeline.  


But can the water we provide damage or hurt their already sickened bodies? 


I used to wonder why there were so many brands of water. What made one brand better than the other? I’ve recently researched the effects of certain water brands compared to others and there is a grave difference.  


Water is absorbed not only through drinking but also though the pores as we shower, wash our hair or brush our teeth ; it all helps aid in our hydration. You can determine how good your tap water is by having it tested for proper ph. The proper ph for optimal health is about 7.2 – 7. 5 which in real life means balance. So aiming for a water free of chemicals with a higher ph is best. Lack of water or bad water consumption can lead to developmental delays, sickness and even skin eruptions along with a myriad of other issues. So when you grab for that bottle of life or turn the sink on have that mind!  



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