By Cory Giles

In our first hotel Spotlight I figured to write about somewhere I recently stayed.


I lived in New York most my life and have heard great things about Yotel.  But , majority of the things I heard were about their parties. On top of that the only other thing I heard about is that it was a very nice hotel.  Well after my experience let me get into a bit more.  Lets start with the rooms, there are four main cabin types in the hotel:


Premium’ cabins with Queen size double beds, Corner cabins with dual aspect windows, FIRST cabins with King beds, some that come with private terraces and outdoor tubs.


The rooms aren’t very big but are somewhat cozy and the bed may seem weird but I slept like a baby.


Next up I want to talk about what you find in your cabin to help you adjust.  Using the Wifi is pretty easy , all you need to do is  give your email address when signing into the network.  The cabins aren’t the biggest but for one person for a limited stay the space is right. You can also find a ” Get to know your Yotel in 5 Minutes booklet.  Which includes very help information such as , whats located in your room , information about the hotel , and a map of new york.


Yotel has great amenities the East & West Lounge where they serve food , The Gallery were you can get complimentary coffee or tea , and a gym. Also, computers in the lobby for guest use and pool tables.


The customer service here is wonderful and the staff is very friendly.  I had a great experience and would recommend you stay there on a short visit. Yotel wins in every category food , customer service , location , design , and amenities. For more information about Yotel visit , they also have a great app you can use during your stay.


P.S.- The app is called Yotel NYC and is for free!

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