By Taleen

The flag of the United States of America, our star spangled banner, is the symbol of this country and is celebrated today and every June 14th. Today is not only Flag Day but it also marks the beginning of National Flag Week.


As we previously reported here, this year in particular is driving people more than ever to learn about this country they call home and its foundation. What better way to continue this journey of enlightenment than to share insight on the meaning of this very day?


According to our current leader and his annual Presidential Proclamation this year (June 10, 2016):


The flag “reflects centuries of struggle and sacrifice [and is] a constant reminder of our journey from 13 colonies to a Nation united in freedom and liberty, and of the patriots and pioneers who fought for these ideals at home and abroad. On Flag Day and during National Flag Week, we pay tribute to this banner of hope and opportunity, and we celebrate the story of progress it represents.”



Whenever we place our hand over our heart and pledge our allegiance to the very flag we celebrate today, we are united. In that moment we put our differences aside and stand as one! That moment of solidarity is very powerful (especially in light of the recent and tragic events that have plagued our country) and it is why we honor what that flag represents to us all as citizens of the land of the free and home of the brave.


For the full proclamation click here.



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