By Cory Giles

I am back with a new fitness app spotlight this week.


We strive to make sure we give you proper tips to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. As we all know eating the right things are the biggest challenge. While going shopping it is kind of hard to decipher what is right for you to put in your cart and what is not.


With ShopWell, the battle becomes easier once you download the app. You can create a personal profile that would include what is the purpose of your diet. As well as general information your age, gender, and health goals. These things will help ShopWell work right for you.


When you go to to the grocery store to shop, start scanning barcodes of the food items you wish to buy. The app will give each item a score—avoid foods with low scores and scoop up the ones closest to a perfect 100. Now isn’t that simple?


You can download ShopWell for free from the Google Play store or the Apple App Store.


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