By Cory Giles

Recording your lifts in the gym just got easier.


When we work out in the gym and lift weights sometimes it’s hard to record how many sets you did. It also is a challenge to remember the ones you did clean. Now working out is a challenge on it’s own so why make things difficult when in this day and age you have apps to help.


Lifter is a fitness app which records your weight lifting with an emphasis on how fast and clean your lifts are. This app will help you improve every time you touch the weights and have several great features.


Lifter features:
* Name your exercises & lifts the way you like, not from a pre-named exercise list.
* Put in multiple weightlifting sets if you want or just record one.
* Record Weight & Reps, Reps Only, or just have checkmarks for exercises. Record the way you want.
* Easily share your fitness workout to a friend or more with 1-click sharing via Text Message, Email, Facebook or Twitter
* Quickly log & record what you did in your weightlifting workout and what you want to do next time.
* View exercise history with graphs
* Calculate your 1 Rep Max
* Optional built-in timer for rest or exercise timing
* Inspirational weightlifting & workout pics for Men & Women
* Put in your seat settings and notes
* Organize your workouts into folders
* Find new workouts from your favorite trainers & gyms
* See videos or step-by-step pics of exercises
* Sell workouts if you are a trainer, gym, fitness celebrity or social maven


You can get the Lifter app for free in the Apple App Store or click here.

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