By Cory Giles

There are many apps where you can track your daily movements.


Today tracking your steps or your run mileage has become pretty common.  There are also several ways that you can also keep track of those steps.  People use watches and monitors, some also use apps.  Moves app serves as an active diary for your life when it comes to your daily routine. Moves helps you see what you do daily and can help you make changes from running a bit more , or changing the way you eat. You may ask why this app is better than the current one you may have, lets show you why.





Come on now isn’t it pretty cool that your routine can be seen in a daily storyline , Moves is right for thee daily person on the go.  Not only on the go but the person who really is into a healthy lifestyle.  Check out this review on the app.


You can download the Moves App from your iOS or Google Play store.

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