By Cory Giles

One day you may wake up and feel like running a marathon.



Diddy and Angie Martinez have caught the urge to run in a marathon.  Forest Gump just started running cause he felt like it.  You might get that urge , today its hard to stay in shape or have a regular fitness routine.  With me everything starts with cardio and running is a good way to keep that fit.  I discovered an app to help you on that running journey to get up from your couch and make it for a 5K run.  The app named Couch to 5K was designed to inspire and support you on your quest to complete a 5K run. Train yourself for 30 minutes a day, 3 days a week for nine weeks and you will see some wonderful results.  This app is award winning and has received amazing reviews.




You can get the app via Google Play Store or The Apple App Store.

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