By Lauren

Imagine the very thing we have been warned about our entire lives could save your life? The new fact is that having a diet full of fat is the #1 best way to lose weight and is actually super healthy for you.


Don’t get excited and complete that order to your local fried chicken spot like you’ve got this all figured out. Yes that’s fat; just not the right fat. If you’re eating refined carbs, preservatives, and dyes (to name a few) then that is why you have noticed your waist expanding (oh and sugar; sugar will kill you!) Dietary fat does not make us fat; a diet rich in omega 3 fats will cause quick and easy fat loss.


Here are the good fats you can incorporate to help you lose weight and build a more nutrient dense diet for optimal health:

Omega 3 fats:
– Coconut Oil

– Avocado Oil or Avocado

– Wild Fatty Fish/ Fish Oil

– Nuts

– Whole Eggs

– Grass fed meat

– Olive Oil

Adding these fatty foods to you diet can improve:

– Mood

– Skin, hair, and nail growth

– Prevention of dementia, diabetes, cancer and heart disease

– Hunger cravings

– Speed of metabolism

– Cholesterol


A wonderful book to reference is by #1 Best Selling Author Dr Mark Hyman; check it out below!

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