By Lauren

Not new but definitely gaining popularity is the concept of intermittent fasting. Modeled after the times of hunter-gatherers it’s a new way to eat that is helping people to drop lbs super fast!


Does it work?

Like most diets the success will differ from person to person due to bio-individuality. That’s a real fancy way to say everything does not work for everybody hence the millions of dieting systems on the market. This particular eating pattern is easy, completely fool-proof and will work for most!


How can you start dropping pounds today?


Start by learning that there are multiple ways to skin this cat. Among the most popular of ways are the 5:2 and 8:16.


Doing the 5:2 method you eat 5 days regularly ( of course while minding the quality of what you are eating) and drastically reduce your calorie intake for two days out of the week. For men that means 600 calories while women will consume 500. Of the day chosen for sacrifice, Monday and Thursday synonymously become the number 1 choices so you can enjoy a drink or two during your weekend festivities. Surely you can last a day or two….


Faster and Leaner the 8:16 reigns supreme aptly named ” Lean Gains” drops weight by building lean muscle in place of fat creating a more tone appearance. Should you decide upon this method you are eating within an 8 hour window whilst fasting through sleep and workout. Fasted workout and Amino acids are suggested for a better recovery. During a fasted workout your body is burning pre-existing fat and calories. Your body basically eats the pounds off and uses it for energy to help complete the workout. Losing two pounds in one day is impossible?


– heals the body of sickness
– helps to reduce belly
– lowers Insulin resistance
– reduces inflammation in the body
– good for the brain
– prevents cancer


Listed above a just some of the benefits and o think it’s all worth a second look. Don’t you?


*Remember to keep hydrated with plenty of good clean water. Thirst is often mistaken for hunger!


I feel a challenge coming.. who’s down???

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