By Cory Giles

Looking presentable is nothing we can’t stress enough fellas.


Presentation; is key when going for a job interview, going out on a date, or just enjoying a good time with friends. One thing which always haunts a guy is ironing their shirt correctly. This is something most of us struggle with, you can iron one side right and the other is looking crazy, or you can have little wrinkles in it. One a big day/night you do not want any wrinkles on your shirt.


As I searched the internet for good ways to iron your shirt. I came across some tips from Axe Men’s site which will have you looking fashionable in your shirt. When it comes to these fashion tips we truly aim to please. Check out 4 pointers on ironing your shirt below.


1- Double-check your shirt for any stains. Wearing an anti-marks deodorant or antiperspirant can help protect your clothes.

2- Start with a damp (not dripping wet) shirt. If the shirt is dry, you can spray it lightly with water, roll it in a ball and leave it for 10–15 minutes. 
3- Turn your shirt inside out and start with the collar and cuffs. Never iron over buttons (even on reverse). Then iron the front and back.
4- Finish by ironing the sleeves. Then hang your shirt and admire your handiwork. – Via AXE “Find Your Magic”
Follow those tips and you will be wrinkle free!
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