By Cory Giles

The fitted look is in when it comes to wearing your jeans.


At times, when you buy a pair of jeans they could be too long and give you a funny look. You don’t want your jeans covering your shoes like bell bottoms do you? Esquire has the perfect tip when it comes to finding a tailor for your jeans. Follow this tip and you don’t ever have to worry about buying long jeans again.


1st thing you want to do is wash the jeans because shrinkage will occur. 2nd, you will need a European hem for the tailor. Please check recommendations in your local area. Then, when you head into the tailor’s ask them how would they tackle the situation with your jean’s being too long. Their answer will help guide you to the correct person.


Follow these steps and you will have a quality tailor by your side for situations like this.

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