By Jasmine

According to the fashion experts, stripes, floral patterns and ruffles are in this season !


This summer’s fashion trends are more about casualty and comfort. You can rock your athletic wear, message tees and track pants.


Summer 2017 is getting rid of the reds and blues are replacing it with the vibrant colors, especially yellow. The yellow theme also goes hand and hand with the floral prints that are in ! Floral is in all styles, whether it’s a nice floral blouse, dress or even jacket – ROCK IT !


As always though… the stripes rule the fashion scene. Stripes are strong this year! Switch it up and combine stripes of all sizes. If you’re looking to add inches to your height, try wearing more vertical stripes for they give off an optical illusion. 


Last but not least, ruffles. RUFFLES! RUFFLES! & a MORE RUFFLES! They are fun, feminine and dramatize an outfit. For instance, you can put together a nice off the shoulder ruffled blouse with jeans and nice sandals or instantly give an office look with a shirt with ruffled sleeves and a nice pair of slacks. Either way ruffles aren’t going out of style anytime soon!


Point is, get ready for bolder prints, more frills,  ALL stripes everything and some big changes to your closet !



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