By Cory Giles

Looking for a nice burger spot !?
Well we have the right place for you. Located on 83 University Place in the heart of Union Square in NYC , Pop Pub is the spot for you. Pop Pub just doesn’t serve any kind of burgers they have the upper echelon slider. That’s not all they also have an 80Z burger by the name of Superman. Now I have visited Pop Burger on many occasions especially after a night hanging with friends in the city , its a chill spot to go. The Pop Burgers come two sliders to a box. But what’s burgers without a side order ?? Pop Pub has Fries , Tater Tots , Corn on The Cob , Onion Rings and More. On top of having a nice side section you can either get a milkshake if you aren’t a drinker or , get a bar speciality.
Pop Pub also has an amazing lunch Special going on Monday Thru Friday, where you can get Pop Burgers , a drink , and a choice of side for $10. This is only available from the times of 11am-4pm.
Pop Pub is open Mon-Weds 11am-2am , Thursday-Sat 11am-4pm , and is closed on Sundays.

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