By Cory Giles

The only way you wouldn’t know hip hop superstar Fabolous was a major sneaker head was if you lived under a rock.


Let’s be real Fabolous is a pretty big deal when it comes to setting trends in the fashion world. Remember throwback jerseys?? Yeah, that was Loso. His sneaker game has to be the hottest in all of hip hop from PE exclusives to retros. Now the MC has his own sneaker, which was inspired by his upcoming collab mixtape with fellow New Yorker Jadakiss.


The Freddy Vs. Jason mixtape is on the way and today we got a look at the Freddy Vs. Jason custom New Balance 247. This custom sneaker was designed by Mache Custom Kicks. Unfortunately, this sneaker isn’t set to retail and pairs were made just for friends and family of Fabolous.



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