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Hey Guys,


This is Jerms again and this is another weeks addition to my sneaker review. This week I’ll be talking about the elephant print foamposites. This new colorway of foamposites will be dropping on October 4th. When I first seen this sneaker my first impression is that it must be a joke. Like I mean I am not a big fan at at all. From the goofy elephant print to the almost pointless pink sole. Honestly as a person that is a big fan of foamposites this a strike out. But this isn’t the first bad sneaker of it’s kind. The Thermal, The Weather Mans, and The Safari Foamposites were all misses in my book. With designs like these, It is clear that they need to go back to the drawing board. In my opinion , they should maybe go back to making solid color foamposites.


After all I have said today, Out of 10 I give this sneaker a 4. Foamposites will always sell because of the name but I feel like they just need to get some new designers. I am a huge foamposite fan so it hurts me to write a review this scrutinizing but somebody has to do it.




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