By Ashley

You’ve been dating someone for a while.


Things have been great, good communication, good vibes, you understand each other. But then out of nowhere you begin to notice slight discrepancies. Whereas you used to text all the time you are now just getting a couple of texts per day. When you call they don’t answer, or they say they never got your call. You see less and less of this person and when you ask to see them it’s always an excuse. You start to feel you’re being a nuisance because you continue to reach out and they continue to distance themselves from you.  What’s happening, is there someone else? Or are they just not interested in you anymore? 



Some people don’t know how to break up. They dread confrontation so they take the cowardly way out. They will intentionally call you less, text you less, see you less, change their behavior dramatically. You will continue to make excuses, question what you did wrong, and finally have no choice but to break up.  Individuals who act in this manner don’t even value you enough to be friends; they have chosen to dismantle you from their entire lives.



Others have simply met someone else. But they try to see how long they can juggle you both before you notice a difference. So the changes in behavior are still there, just gradual.  They will keep up appearances as long as possible, but eventually you will notice the changes and have to make the decision to stay or go. 



In relationships we so often make the mistake that if we are honest with our significant others then they will be honest with us. But unfortunately that’s not true.  So often we suffer because we choose to close our eyes to the signs. Don’t ignore that inner instinct that’s telling you something is amiss. More often than not, if the conversation is getting shorter with you, it’s getting longer with someone else. 

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