By Lauren

Don’t believe the hype


Have you ever been trying to lose weight and notice the commercials on tv just come at you from the couch tempting you in the other direction? Then compare that to the number of health conscious commercials there are. They constantly suggest the world is in trouble dealing with an unbelievable obesity epidemic yet they feed you image after image in opposition of what they claim they want for the world.


What’s worse is the countless celebrity endorsed commercials featuring them and a completely unhealthy products. They must really care about their fans huh. If I see one more commercial with Beyoncé enjoying a cold Pepsi or lame Lebron ( Go Warriors!!!) sipping a Sprite I will explode. How about the Lays commercial where the sexy brunette actress eats a chip and cannot have just one. Don’t believe it people! If you think these people are eating these foods then you need to think again. I absolutely despise how the most influential stars do these commercials for a check knowing just how damaging it all is.


Beyoncé is eating only the best most healthy organic food their is. She has dabbled in veganism, is always active and probably has a private chef and a trainer should things begin to go left. We however do not have that luxury. We must be strong enough to resist these tempting snacks and remember, “You are what you eat!”

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