By Cory Giles

Can’t say I didn’t see this happening.


This is the future, right? Aren’t we suppose to have flying cars and hoverboards without wheels but, I will settle for automatic tying laces and a robot to deliver my pizza. 


In Australia a Dominos store unveiled DRU. DRU stands for Domino’s Robotic Unit. The robotic unit known as DRU was created to help enhance the customer experience, as well as improve safety and efficiency during delivery.


Domino’s is really changing the Pizza delivery game, this innovation is going down at their innovative “D-Lab” space, which features a military-sourced base unit and is powered by Marathon Robotics an Australian software startup company. 



Four month’s back High Snobiety posted about Domino’s new enhanced delivery cars that will launch in Detriot, read about them here.

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