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Truth be told, 30 years is a long time to be consistent and amazing at what you do. Def Jam has surpassed that mark. Each milestone does not come without some fond memories. In this post, we will take a trip down memory lane, feelings of nostalgia for the past three decades. Below are a few fashions pioneered by beloved Def Jam artists that are permanently etched into history. Read more after the jump.

Jesus pieces came way before Kanye. Biggie was the pioneer of the Jesus pieces donning it in many videos and photos in the early  90’s. Although we may not rock Coogi anymore, you can still cop a Jesus piece at your favorite jeweler.


Biggie Jesus Piece

Biggie & Puff

The Coogi Don


The Bandana

Hip Hop loves bandanas. Even paper towel ones. Juelz Santana was referred to as the bandana bandit but he’s not the only rapper to fall in love with it.

Juelz Santana Yellow Bandana

Jadakiss in Bounty Bandana

Fabolous in his paper towel bandana



That last image of Fabolous brings us to our next item on the list. Throw back Jerseys! It was excessive, babies and even women were wearing them. Remember that?

Mya & Jay-z throw back Jerseys, dress

Lil Wayne Throwback jersey


Our 4th item on the list heavily influenced by Def Jam culture is the bucket hat. LL Cool J made these hard as hell back in the 80’s and each year brands like Stussy and Entree re-release them with a twist.

Method Man & Busta Rhymes


We couldn’t leave this list without repping the original bad gal. Foxy!

Foxy Brown

Foxy Brown & Jay-z Madison Square Garden 2003

Foxy Brown in Dior & Fur


It’s only appropriate to end this fashion post with something post 2010 since we covered every other decade. We would like to thank Kanye West for leather joggers. We here at Socialite Heights appreciate your genius Kanye. Thank you.

Kanye West leather joggers


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