By Roni

You know we’re going to miss thee. It’s October but you’re definitely not ready to give up your summer steelo. Don’t fret! There are ways you can transition your favorite stuff right into fall without looking crazy. Read more after the jump.


Can’t let go: The Gladiator Sandal

No you’re not quite ready to start rocking over the knee boots BUT you will look a little crazy wearing sandals in 50 degree weather.

Solution: Rock with socks

Gladiator sandals look super cute when paired with the right sock. See below for inspiration.

@allthingsslim x gladiators x socks

Can’t let go: Beach Waves & Dip Dyed Hair

This summer, pastel and cotton candy hair were really big trends. You don’t have to ditch your colorful tresses!

Solution: Don’t town it down, just tone it brown. If you were blonde this summer, let your roots show and your ends be colorful!


Summer hair

@shoe.premacy x cotton candy hair x beach waves

Fall dip dyed hair


Can’t let go: Summer Tees

It’s summertime sadness all over here, but your favorite tee can be transitioned to fall. No denim involved!

Solution: Rock with a fitted skirt

@inthefrow x leather x tee

@stylepanty x tee x leather skirt

Can’t let go: Denim shorts

This is always a tough one. It’s hard to wear shorts to conceal them for winter and not resemble a street walker but these ladies below have got it 1,000%.

Solution: Wear with tights


images via pinterest, allthingsslim, stylepantry, inthefrow & instagram

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