By Cory Giles

Now if you were born after 98 this post is too old for you bro!


Sauces are a great condiment to put on food from Chicken to Hot Dogs, we all use our favorite condiments to add more flavor to our food. When it comes to eating Chicken Nuggets with sauce McDonalds has made sure for years they created the best sauces to marry the Nuggets with. Lets be honest, McDonalds BBQ Sauce and Sweet and Sour Sauces are just the best. I’m not gonna lie I take those sauces and use them on nuggets from other establishments.


But, there is one sauce so legendary it is truly driving people crazy here in 2017. The creators of the cartoon Rick and Morty put the Szechuan Sauce in an episode earlier this month. Then with talks of a live Mulan film coming to the big screen, fans have started a petition to bring back the sauce to McDonalds which was inspired by the movie. More recently, someone paid $14,700 on eBay for the Szechuan Sauce, true story. 


Don’t believe me?… Click here. Crazy ain’t it? I remember being a kid when this sauce was released and saying to myself this is the greatest thing ever. It seems it only took people a decade later to figure that out. I’m pretty sure that all this buzz is going to force McDonalds to bring back the legendary sauce. I just hope they use the original recipe for it. If you really want to put the pressure on the fast food giant sign a petition to bring back the Szechuan Sauce right here. Until we get the sauce back at McDonalds live in the nostalgia of it by viewing the commercial from the 90’s down below.



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