By Cory Giles

Colin Kaepernick has started a movement all in one kneel.


In an effort to bring awareness to police brutality he took a stand on a national stage, and the consequences for him haven’t been so good. Colin remains team-less and job-less during this NFL season. His team off however has lead for him to spend more time as an activist and build awareness through his “Know Your Rights Camp”. We have to remember the many who have suffered from police brutality just like Eric Garner and Travon Martin.


With Cap fighting hard many of us are fighting along in our own way. Cast Sound Lab have created custom football jerseys with Kap’s # and the name’s of those who have suffered police brutality. The proceeds of these jerseys will go to the American Civil Liberties Union, Know Your Rights Camp, and the Trayvon Martin Foundation. Look down below and check out Cast Sound Lab’s post on the project.



Words from P: This is a project I’ve been working on outside of the studio, please share – THE CAUSE!!! *please share* With everything going on, we at the 90 feel the need to produce these kaepernick inspired football jerseys to commemorate the fallen victims of injustice. We came up with this idea due to all the rhetoric surrounding the NFL, kneeling, recent protests and pundits, it became quite apparent that “the cause” of all this was lost. And whether you agree or disagree on whether demonstrations are the right answer or not, there is no doubt and evidence this country has witnessed injustice towards POC, and accountability still be an issue. Understandably at first sight, people will be skeptical of our motive behind this collection but to assure everyone we come from good intentions, we will donate proceeds of this jersey to The Trayvon Martin Foundation, @yourrightscamp , and the @aclu_nationwide . These will not be the only foundations we look to work with so we are open ears and we promise to be as transparent as possible. In the coming days we are looking to reach out to @kaepernick7 , @yourrightscamp , and numerous others to work together and make significant change. And if anyone finds these jerseys offensive in anyway, we ask that you do your research and if that’s too much for you… please step aside. To pre-order please go to and contact us at btw this is just the beginning we are making more of different individuals #thecause #kaepernick #nfl #socialinjustice #protest #cause #7 #respect #football #blm #poc

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REMEMBER if you would like to pre-order one of these jerseys for a wonderful cause go to and contact us at

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