By Ashley

Before you decide to take that magical pill to solve your weight problem, you may want to thoroughly check the label. 


Millions of people across the country struggle to lose weight and keep it off. Many try just about everything from fad diets to extreme workouts and sometimes even surgery. Yet, there are still a great deal of those who turn to diet pills that promise to have the secret formula to melt away the pounds in each capsule. Unfortunately, the companies that develop these pills don’t tell you that many of these drugs contain dangerous substances that can cause serious health issues. What’s worse is, some of these substances have been banned in the U.S. by the FDA for years.


Research shows that appetite suppressants like Sibutramine and N-Desmethyl sibutramine can cause increased blood pressure which can put those people with a history of heart disease and stroke at risk of worsening their pre-existing conditions. Other substances such as Phenolphthalein, were banned years ago, for being suspected to cause cells to become cancerous.


Before you panic, not all weight loss pills or dietary supplements contain the above chemicals, and there may not be any significant harm in taking one or two pills. But you should always check the labels of each bottle and do your research before committing to taking anything. I personally would recommend consulting a doctor to decide what method of weight loss is good for you. Let’s face it, there is no easy fix or magical pill that can eliminate fat for good. Lasting and continued weight loss results come from hard work and certain lifestyle changes.


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