By Lauren

Bad Oil


Here’s the truth about your beloved snacks. The snacks you think are healthy because they are labeled gluten free and non GMO are actually crap. This is a lesson to show you it’s not enough to just read the marketing.


Take this bag of “healthy” chips below:



To your regular consumer this is a wonderful transition into a healthier lifestyle. The marketing is great. It answers most of the questions currently on the mind of the average American consumer in 2017. I had to make sure to give this bag a thorough check because they almost had me but I found the issue as I turned to read the nutrition facts.( I do that by habit!)

Nutrition facts below:



The first thing you feel when looking at the ingredient list is relief. This is simply because you can identify every single one, no hard pronunciation, and no worry of foul play. The truth is the usage of vegetable oils to cut costs makes these seemingly healthy chips complete trash!


Sunflower, safflower oil, and canola oil are high in Omega 6’s. Omega 6’s cause an imbalance in these oils in the body. They are heavily oxidized by light and even more by heat. Oxidation destroys the oil. The consumer buys these “healthy” chips that were “fried” in toxins. The end result is no nutrition received, you’re full of the wrong fuel which can cause other things like gas, skin eruptions and worst of all skin cancer!! I hate to be so vulgar but I urgently request that we try to avoid the consumption and usage of such oil. Your life depends on it.


Want a snack? Grab an apple!

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