By Ashley

Roughly 45 million Americans have at least one tattoo. The number of people getting inked has gone up by about 50% in recent years. I have 5 of them myself. But, are tattoos really bad for you?


Recent studies have shown that tattoos may interfere with the way our skin excretes sweat. Compared to skin that is not inked, tattooed skin excretes about 50% less sweat. When our sweat glands produce sweat, the skin will reabsorb the sodium and electrolytes back into the body, tattoos may actually block this reabsorption. There is no need to panic if you have a few tattoos here and there, but if you massive back, chest and arm pieces, there may be some cause for concern. Those particular areas have more sweat glands, and extensive tattoos in those areas can interfere with the skin’s ability to cool itself naturally and maintain important nutrients.


Tattoos have also been linked to other health related risks such as the spread of blood-borne bacterial infections and diseases, as well as some forms of skin cancers. While, the occurrence of these risks are low and and uncommon, researchers are still investigating all of the possible risks associated with tattooing.


Getting inked has become such a major part of our culture within the last couple of decades, and is an unique way for all of us to express ourselves by adorning our bodies with fantastic pieces of artwork. But if you are constantly active, you may want to think twice before getting the next set of sleeves or a massive chest or back tattoo.

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