By Lauren
Yesterday I read an article from Entrepreneur magazine that compared salaried jobs to crack addiction.

I don’t know the feeling of being addicted to crack but I understand an addiction to its close cousin sugar. This got me thinking of the mental health of most people; just as important as eating those greens but nowhere near as respected or taught. Passion over salary is the way I live but truth be told I am truly an anomaly. 
Here’s the breakdown: 
You can be “safe” with good benefits, a high salary with extra incentive and a lavish life yet piss poor in happiness. Your job title and comfort is your drug. You work hard and have countless promotions within the company all for someone else dream. Not only that your whole life revolves around the fix that comes weekly/ biweekly. It’s something about cash in hand that immediately makes all stressful situations dissipate and until you begin to run low you’re once again excited to boast about your job.
We constantly tell ourselves that we are taking jobs temporarily to save money and start the business of our dreams someday. We find that the crack ( that salaried job) has so much of a hold on us that even after work in the field, university experience and mentoring only a few individuals ever join the #teamentrepreneur. I learned early in my undergraduate studies that people in business take risks and that without said risk there will be no reward. Yet having the strength to overcome that addiction is one that seems almost impossible. People will stay years in a great paying job not truly being fulfilled. It comes through in their appearance, in productivity or lack there of and most in the immediate attitude when they haven’t had a hit. 
My advice would be to take risks and heal your mental, physical and emotional health by living your dreams. Whatever pain you may feel temporarily will one day disappear and you’ll find that you’re more balanced and know that you’re fighting for YOUR dream and ownership! 
Check out the entrepreneur article and test yourself to find if you’re addicted to your salaried 9-5?? 
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