By Cory Giles

Christmas is close and that means Thanksgiving is closer.


The invites to functions are likely to increase for you,  you don’t have to be a socialite to be invited to a holiday party. Job parties , birthdays , family functions are all on the way and you want to look your best.  But, after Black Friday and buying those Xmas gifts you are going to be on a budget.  So let me help you ladies out , the Budget Fashionista had some ideas for you and I am going to layout 5 affordable skirt options for those Holiday functions.



1- Jacquard Sweaterknit Pencil Skirt, $88.00 at Anthropologie


You can wear this Jacquard Sweaterknit to a nice family function, its not too much and looks lovely with black.

2- ASOS Full Midi Tulle Skirt, $85.28 from ASOS


Themed Holiday function Red and Green ?? No problem , we have you covered with this ASOS Full Midi Tulle Skirt.  Perfect for any themed Xmas function.

3- Pleated Skirt, $49.95 from H&M




Why not stand out and wear gold with some gold accessories ? All gold everything for the Holidays.

4- Vintage 1950s Full Circle Skirt , $65.00 from ESTY



Vintage is in and if it isn’t a major event this skirt is right. The price tag isn’t too high and it’s easy to put an outfit together around this Vintage 1950s Full Circle Skirt.

5- Venus Sequin Maxi Skirt, $64.00 from Venus


This glamorous Sequin Maxi Skirt can easily be the show stealer and party favorite.

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