By Taleen

In case you were living under a rock last night, current President of these United States of America- Barack Obama, gave his last speech as sitting president and it was epic.


Waves of ranging emotions flooded over the nation last night during what would be a memorable event to say the least and in that moment, no one could argue that President Obama left his mark on this country.
Now whether or not you agree with his policies, think he did a good job, or even like the man- one thing can’t be dispusted: he carried himself as a President should. I’m sure I can speak on behalf of many when I say he will be missed, even if just for his charisma and skills as an orator. Next friday will be the start of a new begining, a beginning that is already met with a litany of emotions ranging from excitement to even fear.
Regardless of ones feelings I think it’s important to remain hopeful while educating ourselves and others. This is a democracy after all and I like to believe that we as the people do have more control over things than some of us think or exercise. Maybe I’m naive, who knows. All I know is history has been made and it’s up to us to make sure it goes how it should.

For the full video click here.

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