By Ru Porter

Smirnoff ICE introduces its new line of flavored malt beverages with deaf dance instructor as the face of their “Keep It Moving” initiative.


Party goers no longer have to put their drinks down before busting a move on the dance floor thanks Smirnoff ICE’s Electric Berry and Mandarin coolers because unlike most bottled wine and spirits, these come equipped with re-closable caps so you can sip now or later.




The new mixers are mildly sweet and contains 5% alcohol by volume, are best enjoyed chilled, and only 213 calories so you can afford to indulge responsibly — especially since a 4-pack of 12 oz bottles retail for around $10 after taxes.


But the coolest part of Smirnoff ICE’s Electric product launch? The ads. Each sixty-second spot featuring two inspirational movers: 87-year-old Instagram sensation and festival lover, Baddie Winkle (@baddiewinkle), and London-based hearing-impaired dance instructor, Chris Fonseca.


Kicking off in New York City, Fonseca will be going on tour across the U.S. with Smirnoff Ice, as part of its Electric Flavors launch, to help fulfill his dream of encouraging others to Keep it Moving. On each stop, Chris will share his talent and teach adult deaf community members how to dance using the same techniques that helped him.


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