By Cory Giles

I am a huge wrestling fan as you all know.


Growing up Raw , Main Event , Wrestlemania were my life.  When it comes to wrestling Divas were always eye candy to me.  Few possessed the skill to be really talented, but for AJ Lee that wasn’t the case.  I reached out to one of my good friends Jennifer who is also a wrestling head, to speak more on AJ Lee.





As we are all still going through a Wrestlemania hangover, the wrestling world was brought into a shock this Friday. WWE officailly announced that April Brooks also known as AJ Lee was returing from professional wrestling. While there aren’t any reasons as to why she decided to hang up her Chuck Taylor’s there are many theories as to why she may have made this choice. 



Growing up in New Jersey AJ was always a wrestling fan. If you search online there is actually a video in which she met her idol Amy “Lita” Dumas. A young April was in tears as she was face to face with her hero. As a young adult AJ was trained under her boyfriend at the time, wrestling star Jay Lethal. She performed in the independent circuit until she was picked up for a deal with World Wrestling Entertainment. 



AJ was introduced in 2010 during the third season of NXT. The only season which featured finding the next diva for the company. From the start Lee stood out, while winning various competitions she became an instant favorite amongst the WWE Universe. AJ ended in third place that season behind the winner Kaitlyn and runner up Naomi. After NXT AJ and Kaitlyn formed a tag team team called the chick busters but after various losses on Smackdown the two went their separate ways. 

In late 2011 she stared and on screen romance with Daniel Bryan. She made her Weestlemania debut in 2012. While kissing Bryan as the bell rang, he lost the world heavyweight championship to Sheamus in a record 18 seconds. Calling the kiss the “Kiss of Death’. Throughout 2012 AJ had various on screen relationships with superstars such as CM Punk and Kane until reuniting with Bryan and leaving him to become the General Manager of Raw. After resiging from her GM position she developed another on screen romance with John Cena whom she ultimately turned on at the TLC pay per view that year to begin her romance with Dolph Ziggler.



In 2013 AJ focused back on being a diva first capturing her first divas championship at Payback when she defeated former tag team partner Kaitlyn. She went on to be champion until the night after Wrestlemania 30, when she lost to NXT rookie Paige. During that time AJ became the longest reigning Divas champion in WWE history with a record of 295 days. 



After her loss to Paige she’s been in and out of the company. In June 2014 she married her off screen boyfriend Phil “CM Punk” Brooks. She would return to win the divas title twice tying the record of most Divas title reigns along with former diva Eve Torres. In November she took time off due to a legitimate neck injury and didn’t return intil 2015 where she was victorious at Wrestlemania with her tag partner Paige as they faced off against the Bella Twins. In her final match on the March 30th edition of Monday Night Raw she won a six divas tag match with Paige and Naomi who went against The Bella Twins and Natalya. 



While AJ has been a diva for the last few years in WWE that is not all that describes her. She showed that size and gender doesn’t matter in a male dominated sport. She showed that you don’t have to look like a model to make it, that you can just simply be you. AJ was the girl that guys wanted to hang out with and girls can look up to. She was more than just the “crazy chick”, more than the diva to drop a pipe bomb on the entire Divas division. She was just a girl from Jersey living out her dream. 



Thank You AJ!


Written By : @JennsSoFetch

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