By Cory Giles

We are going to celebrate this anniversary of The Notorious B.I.G’s death by sharing some of the staff’s favorite Biggie album’s.


Cory Giles (Founder)- “Ready To Die”- “Ready to die was my favorite BIG album because it spoke about a life a saw and feeling I had growing up. He made the world see what some young black african American teens from Brooklyn go through.”


Terry B. (President)- “Life After Death” & “Ready To Die”- “Cause those were his authentic compositions and his story telling was insane. His braggadocios style influence an entire (urban) culture to do better than the norm and live life to the the fullest.” 


Ru- Creative Partner – “I would have to say Life after Death because growing up in a West Indian family, especially Jamaican-raised kids with traditional families, we don’t listen to anything that our parents don’t. So naturally, I grew up listening to Reggae and Dancehall mostly because that’s what was played in my house on average. It wasn’t until 96-97 that I started listening to hip-hop kuz I would hear other West Indians talk about rap albums that were out at the time.That’s when I started exploring the genre, and also the time I started listening. I found out BIG and Busta were Jamaican and was sold kuz I could relate having been raised that way.”

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