By Taleen

Now that Hov’s birthday is officially over according to our calendars, let me tell you why I’m still celebrating.

The man has been in the game long enough to build a reputation earning him respect pretty much wherever he goes. That is not a small feat people, especially in the field that he is in! Not so sure he is still king? “I think I need to send you a reminder- here it is”: Jay

-went from the Marcy projects in Brooklyn to selling out Madison Square Garden
-acquired luxury champagne brand Ace of Spades
-blessed us with J. Cole and introduced us to Rihanna
-has, at least, 10 #1 albums in a row and counting
-founded his own record label in order to put out his own music despite rejection
-headlined and sold out countless tours
-is an award-winning philanthropist
-collaborated with the best in the game
-has anthem after anthem during arguably the best era in hip-hop
-put us onto brands that some of us never heard of while introducing us to epic metaphors, some that may go over our heads on the first listen
-debuted the art of his MCHG album next to its namesake, drops said album for free through a customized app thus making it the unofficial playlist of a holiday weekend…

Honestly the list goes on and on, and the way it’s looking- it’s not stopping anytime soon. Sean Carter is forever evolving in the game of hip-hop and in the game of life. The constant pressure of pleasing everyone and outdoing yourself is daunting to say the least, but I’m sure we can all agree that Jay-Z definitely delivers. He shows us why he has lasted in this ever changing game and why he deserves to be called a king.

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