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This Sunday, Socialite Heights puts the spotlight on the multi-faceted lifestyle brand Young GXDS!  We got a chance to catch up with one of the representatives, Luis Anthony, as he gave us a ton of  insight on  the start to their many business ventures.  Find out how the Young GXD’s logo came to life, and be sure to stay tuned for their next move!


MB: When did the start of Young GXD’s come to life ? (Date/Inspiration) 

The Young Gxds is a lifestyle brand that came to life in February of 2014. Over the past few years my partners and I realized that we were influencing our culture and peers on a mainstream level. However, we didn’t have our business together in order to stamp our accomplishments and the new ventures that we had coming up. The inspiration behind the name is that we all want to be great at the things we are passionate about. Since we are made in his image the highest level to anything is God’s status. For example many people will agree that Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson are Gxds in the things they were passionate about. Being Young is a state of mind and us being young men that’s how Young compliments the Gxd’s. We spell it with an X so we wont disrespect the man upstairs or people who are religious. So ultimately everyone is a Young Gxd trying achieve their dreams.   



MB: What made you want to expand into different avenues rather than just streetwear? 

At first, we actually weren’t trying to do street wear; although we have people that are apart of the team who are really passionate about fashion, it kind of happened organically. When we were re-branding ourselves we just wanted to have a clean logo and make merchandise that we would actually rock as well as something that does not look like typical promo items. People ended up really liking our hats (which we actually call crowns) and started requesting them. It ended up becoming another branch to our Young Gxd brand and a few celebrities started supporting us by wearing our products such as Teyana Taylor, Dej Loaf , Angela Simmons and more.

My partners and I all have different passions that compliment each other. We are now bringing all these things together to be under one umbrella. Collectively we have been doing Event Coordinating and Promotions in NYC for the past few years. We currently promote Taj Lounge every Friday, something that we’ve been doing for the past 2 years. We do a lot of other “one off” events throughout the year.

 We are also a Production & Management company. We have two artists one by the name of Devvon Terrell. Devvon is killing on the internet right now and we are getting consistent support on radio stations. Not only on our New York stations like Power 105.1 & Hot 97, we are also getting air play on a lot of different station throughout the country. We have a female artist by the name of Mandee Monet. She is so dope so look out for some releases on her soon. We also have a Dj by the name of DJ Firstchoice. He is on Power 105.1 FM and you can catch him doing some of the hottest events in NYC.

 We also have a Multimedia branch which includes a recording studio where you can come record and get your songs mixed and mastered. We also do music videos, photo shoots, picture editing and website design. If you look at our artist’s productions you can see the quality of work we are putting out.



MB: When and how did you realize that this brand was something that you wanted to stick with and help grow? (I ask this because a lot of people start these movements and give up when things aren’t working in their favor). 

We realized it was something great because of the impact it has on the people. When people have a good time with us and are entertained by the music we put out, or feel extra fly sporting our clothes, its a great feeling. The name is new but the grind we have been putting in over the last few years isn’t. We just have to stay consistent and patient and things will work in our favor. We also see the growth in all our branches of our business so we know it’s only a matter of time before something great happens for us.


MB: What sets you apart from other underground brands that are on the come-up? 

There are a lot of dope brand on the come up. The main thing that we are trying to do is be creatively consistent and to continue to give the people great quality with everything that we are doing. That alone will help separate us.


MB: What is your next business venture? Is there anything that you want to add to Young GXD’s movement? 

Look out for the Young Gxd mixtape dropping this year. Also look out for the new items that we are adding to the collection. We are also going to be launching our new website . We are very excited about a few things that we are not able to talk about yet but we have a fun and exciting year mapped out. 

MB: What are some of your current goals for the brand as of now?

We want to continue working so we can become a globally known brand with all the different things we do. we are working with a few other brands such as Aglit Italy. They are a premium leather shoelace brand. We are also brand ambassadors for 8and9 clothing they are one of the biggest street wear brands out right now and we will be doing some collaboration with them soon. Stay tuned!




Coming from New York, you have to be in more than one lane to survive! – Luis Anthony


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