By Cory Giles

Dancing isn’t an easy thing to do.


It takes practice, rhythm, and dedication. But, those are only a few of those things you need to be a talented dancer. Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Fatima Robinson, and Ciara are all very talented dancers. For decades we have witness dance evolve in many different forms. From the dancer all the way to the evolution of new dance moves. If you watched a show on Fox called “So You Think You Can Dance”  there was a kid who won it all last season by the name of Leon “Kida” Burns.


“Kida” is the future of dance hands down, he is so skillful and talented. He even danced with Usher and in Chris Brown’s “Party” video. “Kida” has the moves and that’s because his older brother taught him. His older brother is a talented dancer by the name of Shaheem Sanchez. Now I know some of you may be like you haven’t heard of him but this guy has social media on smash. Shaheem has build up such a strong following through his dancing You Tube and Instagram videos.


When you see his moves you will become a fan instantly. Something that you won’t notice is that Shaheem is deaf. He lost his hearing at a young age but when he moves you can’t even tell. Shaheem uses his deafness as a platform to show that anything is possible. Today, I wanted to share some videos and put the spotlight on his talent. I hope you enjoy!


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