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Fully enjoying music has just as much to do with the current song you’re listing to as it does with the one that precedes and follows it. It is about an entire experience, not just a three-minute window and anyone that tells you different has not experienced music in the way it is meant to. Music is supposed to evoke emotion and have you embark on a journey. That’s where the D.J comes in, the tour guide of this journey if you will.


That being said, let’s begin our tour at the Mediterranean Island of Malta where the talented D.J Sarah Harrison was born. Music was a factor in her life early on and she even sang in her aunt’s choir at the tender age of four. Then at eight, she was scouted to be a presenter on a weekly children’s TV show which then led to her own show a year later! At eleven Sarah landed a scholarship at the prestigious Sylvia Young Theatre School causing her to migrate with her mom to the U.K.


At school she studied music production where she became a self-proclaimed “geek” as she soaked in all she could about “popular” music and its pioneers. While most people would lose themselves in the crowd and in drinking once finally allowed to party, Sarah could be found in the corner analyzing the construction of records, particularly the drum pattern and how it blends into the next track.


As her love of hip hop grew, so did her drive. Like most, Sarah used the Internet to her advantage and posted her music on SoundCloud. Sarah’s niche is spinning trap music, which garnered her the Lady in the Trap alias. After a serendipitous discovery of her unique sound by none other than Snoop Do-double-g, Sarah was invited to record with him on the European leg of his tour in the summer of 2012. After putting down two songs in twenty-four hours on custom made beats and performing in front of 50,000 people- the fire to pursue DJ-ing full force was lit. Sarah did all she could to hone her craft and definitely looked to her influences which include: The Neptunes, Timbaland, and the “king” Michael Jackson, to name a few (T-Pain’s early work is also a favorite of hers).


While her path has not always been a smooth one, Sarah strives to ensure that the spotlight is always properly shown on DJ’s and hopes it shines brighter each day. Having a hit record is vital to achieving a successful career in music, but if there are no DJ’s playing your music to the people, how will it become a hit? It’s like the age old if a tree falling in the woods question, if a DJ doesn’t play a song- does it make a sound? No, it does not.


DJ Premier, Timbaland, and Bangladesh (to name a few) understood this importance and used it in their favor to cultivate an incredible career. They all have their start in DJ-ing and have achieved so much respectively so Sarah is definitely in good company! In addition to educating other about the cultures of music and the importance of DJ-ing Sarah would like to share a personal message with her fans and anyone willing to hear it:


Be yourself and don’t compare your journey…because doing so will only deplete your progress and…THANK YOU – for recognizing my hustle! My product goes against the grain to a certain extent, but it hasn’t stopped me from fulfilling my aspirations. And the biggest thank you goes to God. Keep Him first and you will prosper.


Author’s Note: Check out Sarah’s official website so you can catch up with her weekly radio show, mix releases and upcoming events. Also follow her on Instagram: @ImSarahHarrisson

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